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I use this blog to comment on issues related to Wikipedia. To me, WP is a free encyclopedia. It’s also a popular movement. Some belong to this movement. Others don’t. More than to tell anyone what to think about Wikipedia, I take interest in investigating people’s views. So far I have  conducted two studies on how Wikipedia is received at school, by the pupils and by their teachers. The principal of both studies was The Stockholm County Library.

The recent study (April, 2009) is  titled Wikipedia – älskat eller avskytt? An English translation could be Wikipedia – a story of love or hate? The basis for this study are questionnaire-answers from 266 teachers working at upper secondary schools in the greater Stockholm area. In August 2009, I had the privilege of presenting the results at Wikimania – the annual Wikimedia world conference in Buenos Aires.

The initial study Wikipedias fel och brister – en angelägenhet för biblioteken? (Wikipedia’s issues : a concern for libraries?) was published the year before. In its full length it is available only in Swedish, though a short English version can be found on this blog. In July 2008, I had the privilege of presenting the results at Wikimania in Alexandria, Egypt.

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